This is a website providing information about the youtube channel "Bertram - Craft and Wilderness" 


About Bertram:

My name is Bertram and I am a fulltime youtuber from Denmark - previous viking country. I record myself doing traditional craft and wilderness living. I am a former bushcraft instructor, traditional green wood worker and tool blacksmith.

How I use youtube:

1. New videos get published 1-3 weeks apart. 

2. All relevant information is always included in the video descriptions on youtube.

Quick overview:

1993           = born in Denmark 
2000-2016 = school and amature photograper

2016-2017 = making and selling wooden spoons for a living 

2017-2018 = making and selling axes for a living

2019-xxxx  = making youtube videos for a living 

Most Asked Questions:

1. Are you alone? Yes - I always do all of it alone - planning, filming, editing etc. 99% of the time just the same one camera on a tripod I move around.

2. Do you sell? No - I don't sell anything.

3. What are the location? Denmark and Sapmi. The location is always listed in the video descriptions on youtube.

4. Are bears or other predators a problem on your trips? No.

5. Can I visit you? Come along on a trip? Help running the youtube channel? No.

6. What camera are you using? Always listed in the video descriptions on youtube. Current gear used is on the gear list.

7. How do you make money on youtube? Adsence - ads. The more views the more money I get. Just make a common salary or a bit less.

8. How did you learn your crafts? Mainly just learning by doing on my own and research on the internet. But all ways possible - books, photos, visiting people, traveling etc.

9. Can I support you? No - I don't use Patreon or anything similar.

10. Do you hunt? No - so far do I only fish and grow food.

Right now:

In January and February 2020 will no videos get published on the youtube channel. All will be back to normal in March 2020. Meanwhile will I enjoy some time off and work off camera on the forrest property I recently bought.