The gear list does only include what I am using currently. I don't sell anything and can't give you any information about where to buy - my recomendation is homemade.

Axe, homemade. Spring steel, ash and birch bark. Collared axe design for all around use. Old Scandinavian design. No how-to video yet.

Shoes, homemade. Viking age turned shoes. Goat leather with 50/50% tar and fish oil for water resistans. Reindeer inserts is added doing the cold season. In mud and snow is leather cord with a lot of knots wrapped around the shoe for traction. No how-to video yet.

Sleeping bag, homemade. Five reindeer skins sewn together by hand. Tar and fish oil/fat is added to make the outside more water resistiant. No how-to video yet.

Cooking pot, modified. Homemade handle. No how-to video yet.

Shirt, not homemade. Linen tunic. Viking design. No how-to video yet.

Pants, modified. Goat leather. No how-to video yet.

Belt, homemade. Mild steel and cow leather. How-to video

Poncho, homemade. Reindeer skin. How-to video

Row boat, modified. Clinker boat ideal for strong rivers. Pine wood and pine tar. Finnish design. No how-to video yet.

Bellow, restored. Common design in most of the world. No how-to vidoeo yet.

Video gear. Canon EOS RP, Canon ND adapter, Canon 50 1.8, RØDE VideoMicPro+, Zoom h2n, Sirui tripod, iMovie editing program.