The gear list does only include what I am using currently. What I did use but don't use anymore is listed in the specific video descriptions on youtube. If something isn't listed can you assume it is unknown or homemade. 


I use reindeer skins for ground pads, clothes, sleeping etc. Reindeer is the only fur skin I use and all reindder skins is mass production from Sapmi and sponsored to the youtube channel by

I use wool blankets for sleeping and clothes etc. All blankets is mass production from the Swiss army and sponsored to the youtube channel by

I use linen for clothes. All linen tunics is made by

Sleeping bag, homemade and designed only for winter use. Five reindeer skins sewn together by hand. Tar and fish oil/fat is added to make the outside more water resistiant. No proff vikings did use similar. Iniuites and Sami did use similar.

Leather shoes. Homemade. Authentic classic viking age turned shoes. Hand sewn from goat leather. 50/50% tar and fish oil/fat is added for water resistans. Reindeer inserts is added doing the cold season. In mud and snow is leather cord with a lot of knots wrapped around the shoe for traction.

Cooking pot. Just a commen mass produced 2L cooking pot I have modified with a homemade handle. Not authentic to the viking age.




CANON, ND filter mount adapter

CANON, 50 1.8

RØDE, VideoMicPro+

ZOOM, h2n

SIRUI, tripod

iMovie, editing program