My name is “Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen” and I am a fulltime youtuber from Denmark - former self employed full time bushcraft instructor, green wood worker and tool blacksmith. I make videos about traditional craft and wilderness living. Making youtube videos combine all of my previus jobs and passions into one and I love it.


1993           = born in Denmark 
2000-2016 = school and amature photograper

2016-2017 = making and selling spoons for a living 

2017-2018 = making and selling axes for a living

2019-xxxx  = making youtube videos for a living 


I am right now abroad on road trip around in Sapmi. The main goal is making bushcraft trip videos. I am in remote areas most of the time and it can take up two weeks before I get a wifi opportunity for seeing your comments and messages. I will spend the summer and fall in Sapmi before going back to Denmark - making a few blacksmithing videos and getting the winter gear... when it's back to Sapmi making bushcraft trip videos in the snow.

Sapmi is the Sami peoples areas in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.