About Bertram:

My name is “Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen” and I am a fulltime youtuber from Denmark - previous viking country. I record myself doing traditional craft and wilderness living. I am a former bushcraft instructor, traditional green wood worker and tool blacksmith. The video productions combine all of my previous jobs and passions into one and I love it.

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Quick overview:

1993           = born in Denmark 
2000-2016 = school and amature photograper

2016-2017 = making and selling spoons for a living 

2017-2018 = making and selling axes for a living

2019-xxxx  = making youtube videos for a living 

Right now:

I am right now abroad in Sapmi. I will spend most of my time in Sapmi the next few years making videos. I have borrowed a remote log cabin for the next few months fall 2019.  

Sapmi is the Sami peoples areas in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.