MAQ - Most Asked Questions

1. Are you alone? Yes - I always do all of it alone - planning, filming, editing etc. 99% of the time just the same one camera on a tripod I move around.

2. Do you sell? No - I don't sell anything. 

3. What are the location? Denmark and Sapmi. The location is always listed in the video descriptions on youtube. 

4. Are bears or other predators making problems? No.

5. Don't the meat spoil? No.   

6. What camera are you using? The camera gear used is always listed in the specific video descriptions on youtube. 

7. How do you make money on youtube? I only use Adsence - one add before and add after my videos. The more views the more money I get.

8. How did you learn your crafts? Mainly just learning by doing on my own... but all ways possible - books, photos, visiting people, traveling, internet etc.

9. How can I support you? The best support you can offer me is just to keep watching  the videos on YouTube.

10. Can I visit you and or come along on a trip? No.

11. Why don't you talk in the videos? I prefer not to. 

12. Do you hunt? No - I only fish. I don't have a hunting license yet. 

13. Is the water safe to drink? Dedends on where you are in the world and the specific water source.. If you are unsure is my recomendation always to ask locals... but yes when you see me drink from rivers and lakes etc. is it always safe and perfect clean fresh water.